Things to Avoid Doing if You Want to Increase Your Productivity

    Some people are experiencing anxiety over their levels of productivity. They often complain that there are just too many things to do but with so little time. What they do not realize is that being productive is not just about the quantity of work done in a day. It is also a matter of knowing […]

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    Are You Having Issues with Your Non Verbal Skills?

    Effective communication is not just about mastering the secrets of verbal communications. But, knowing more about improving one’s non verbal skills is just as equally crucial. Read on for more helpful knowledge on improving your non verbal skills.   Is stress a hindrance? When you want to improve your non-verbal skills it is important that […]

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    The best time to become a freelancer?

    Many of my friends told me it was courageous to become a freelancer in this tough economy, But the only comment that really matters to me was the one from my good friend Andy. Andy said: “It’s the perfect time to start your own business. You offer competitive price to companies who are struggling to […]

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    How do you work on Storyline?

    Here the answer from a fellow ID who put together a timeslapse video of the making of a template.

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    How to land your first freelancer gig

    Great article from¬†Brajeshwar giving you tips on how to find your first gig. Yes! Starting, jumping in the ocean, maybe quitting your day job and trying your luck in the vast freelancer world is tough. So how to find a first gig? Here is a summary of the article in 5 steps. 1 – Pick […]

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